CAUG Meeting - "Mail Merge in Access - Beyond the Basics"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kevin Anderson, Anderson Information Technology, Inc.


The basic mail-merge technique = Word mail-merge wizard


         limited to table/query sources, so may require inefficient joins

         limited to single source

         automation security issues

         VBA automation in Word = maintenance headache

         loss of control (e.g. wizard config problems)

         Word versioning issues

         can't do complicated docs


My subsystem = uses bookmark replacement (after Litwin's SmartAccess June 1997 article - wrdaut97.wdb)


         support functions of unlimited power - not just query field values

         support sophisticated layout features - bullets, checkboxes, tables

         can embed documents

         easily callable for single/multiple record instances

         can minimize user interaction

         ability to use outside of Word

         table driven = easier modification



MS basic explanation of Word automation from Access:

Free, alternative solution to Word templates in Access:

How to use XML to bypass the Word object:

Files from Kevin's presentation: