CAUG Apr 2017

Access with Azure SQL Database ­ Part III


Part I:­2016­09­Acc2016AzureSQL.html

Part II:­2016­10­AccAzureSQLPtII.html


Helpful Azure tutorial: Planning a Microsoft Cloud Solution 


What's new or improved (no particular order):

       Microsoft Docs: Azure SQL Database Features Overview  ­ feature comparison with SQL Server.

       Updated version: Released: SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v7.3

       Migrate Access Databases    to SQL Server ­ Azure SQL DB

       Platform­as­a­Service (PaaS): Azure App Service for web, mobile, and API apps;  successor to Azure Websites.

       Command­line interface for Azure: Azure CLI 2.0.  Runs under the new Bash for Windows  (requiires very recent Windows 10 version)

       Overview of A zure PowerShell

       Microsoft Docs: Monitoring Azure SQL Database Using Dynamic Management Views

       Microsoft Docs: Getting Started with Temporal Tables in Azure SQL Database

       Microsoft Docs: SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

       New free version of VS: Visual Studio 2017 Community

       SQL Data Warehouse – Solutions for Azure SQL

       Microsoft Docs: Configure long­term backup retention ­ Azure SQL database

       Microsoft Docs: Azure Functions Overview

       Microsoft Docs: Azure Premium and Standard Managed Disks Overview  ­ disks for VMs are now easier to manage 

       Azure Monitor  ­ for monitoring Azure resources

       Pricing Overview ­ How Azure pricing works  ­ pricing calculator

       Microsoft Docs: Azure Media Services overview and common scenarios

       Azure Content delivery network

       Improvements t o Meter Names  in Azure ­ standardizing the taxonomy

       Connect to Azure DocumentDB using ODBC driver  (DocumentDB—NoSQL        Database Service  is Azure's answer to MongoDB)

       Cognitive Services ­ like Translator API we saw last month

       Logic Apps ­ like Flow for but for servers



What's missing:

       Azure RemoteApp  ­ to be discontinued, it lets you run a Windows application via remote desktop, as if they were running locally by just clicking an RDP link. Article in, The Register: Citrix launches Windows 10 VDI from Azure,  says Microsoft leaving the niche for Citrix to fill with their expected XenDesktop/XenApp solution.

       Windows desktop VMs in Azure require MSDN or other premium Azure subscription; they're not available for Pay­As­You­Go subcribers.

       a way to simply run an Access application


Bottom line: for the foreseeable future, to run a multi­user Access application in Azure, at a minimum you need to create an Azure virtual machine instance of Windows Server with Remote Desktop Server and an Office license that includes Access (assumingyou can't get by with the free Access runtime). RDS and Office impose additional licensing costs of over $100/user­device.­2017­04­AccAzureSQLPtIII.html